Daniel Felix

To be completely honest, becoming a disciple of Christ was never part of my plan, like Jona and the whale, I literally went running in the opposite direction. No matter how fast or how far I ran, God had his own plan and there was nothing I could do about it, but submit to his will Born July 1966, what a year? and to top it off England won the World Cup. Growing up in the East End of London left me with some colorful memorable memories, life was so much different back then, before there was IPods we had senna pod, some of you will know what I'm referring too. Rich in community spirit, we all knew each other, better still, we all looked out for one another. Able to leave your front door wide open, Blackberry picking along the train track, run outs, British bull-dog, knock-down ginger, the list is endless Saturday afternoon, my dad playing Jim Reeves greatest hits album at full volume on his gram, which I had to polished that same morning with Mr Sheen. The only takeaway available was fish n chips from the local chippy, other than that, it was a piece of yam and two green bananas, hence why the senna? As an author, I can honestly say that I have definitely grown creatively within my new found role. What started off as basically a means to vent my inner emotions, has sent me on a life's journey, Therapeutic at times but also extremely challenging, taking me back to past memories which I had long forgotten. I remember the first time I put pen to paper, proper old skool style, l had no idea where to start, let alone creating a middle or end. Lying on my bed at night I began to pray, asking the Lord to help me, before I knew it I had written three full pages. Thirteen years later, has brought me right here, but the best part of my journey, I was able to find the source of my strength. I hope you enjoy my story.

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