Calum Johnston

I became a bank clerk in Scotland in 1953 at the age of 17. Today, some of the tasks I was required to perform would be considered unusual. After 2 years in the Royal Highland Regiment The Black Watch, where I became a sergeant, I joined the Bank of British West Africa and was a bank manager 'up-country' by age 21. See photograph of my second branch in 1956. I lived upstairs without running water or electricity. My book traces my career through the years and the 12 countries in which I lived and worked, Scotland, England, The Gold Coast which became Ghana, Nigeria - my part became Biafra where I experienced happy days and exciting times, Canada, New York, Hong Kong , Malaysia, Jamaica, Bermuda and Sint Maarten. In my book I have related various incidents and have tried to give a flavour of life and work in all of these places as well mentioning some of the other countries I visited in the course of my work. I hope the book will interest younger bankers and recall memories for older ones as well as proving interesting to anyone who would like to know what life and work was like in those places and times.

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The book was published on 28 June 2019 and is now available from Matador or on and

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