C. R. Clarke

C. R. Clarke is a thirty-year veteran of the film industry, having worked on in excess of 60 movies, primarily in the SFX/Creature FX field. Outside of writing, chances are you've seen something he's created, watched something he's puppeteered, or possibly even heard his voice.

Creative writing for him berthed from discovering an ability to write poetry, despite being dyslexic, and through the continual exercising of this creative outlet he has all but conquered what can be to some a debilitating affliction. "My particular form of dyslexia affected more my ability to communicate through the pen, and less so my ability to read. I loved books as a child and must have read Stig Of The Dump at least twenty times. By my chosen career, it's obvious I have a passion for movies, but I also love the immersive experience that reading can gift you. By the reader being forced to use their own imagination to fill in the blanks, I find it carries them further into the narrative of the story, and I love the idea that three people can read and absorb the exact same text, descriptions and prose, but formulate three entirely different perceptions of the world you've been instrumental in crafting. This alone has been the greatest factor in forging my writing style, setting the scenes in ways that ignite the readers own imagination, making them feel more like a participant rather than a witness."

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First pre-release reviews of The Art Of Killing have landed. Here are some snippets: "The Art of Killing by C. R. Clarke is a 5-star, chilling, thoroughly compelling, British detective crime thriller. Suspense from beginning to end! " Chick Lit Cafe' "I can honestly say that this is the best crime thriller I have ever read.". T N Traynor - Author "I guarantee lovers of a good police procedural, serial killer thriller will be hooked completely by this one, and will be left wanting more." Jackie's Reading Corner "The Art of Killing is a gritty, fast-paced page-turner and is a must-read for all crime fiction fans." CLC

C. R. Clarke

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