Barrie Shore

Barrie Shore spent her early career as an actor in theatre, radio and television, and was a presenter for the BBC World Service for over twenty five years. She came to writing in the 1980s, first for radio including an original drama on BBC Radio 4, and then for television, joining the script teams of Emmerdale (1986-89) and EastEnders (1989-2001). Her retelling of the Passion of Christ has been performed as street theatre by her local community every other Easter forever twenty years. Barrie began writing A Book at Bedtime while studying for a masters degree in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University. In the year she graduated, 2011, she was also diagnosed with macular degeneration. Her eyesight has deteriorated significantly in the last couple of years and she is no longer able to read. But she looks forward to mastering new technology so that she can continue to write. Follow Barrie on Twitter and Instagram @barrie_shore

Author news

A Book at Bedtime is published on July 28th 2021

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