Self-Publishing with Matador

Matador has been offering authors a high quality self-publishing service since 1999. Part of Troubador Publishing Ltd, Matador offers a wide range of services aimed at publishing, marketing and distributing books and ebooks to a high standard – be that via Print On Demand (POD) or through traditional bookshop distribution. Matador has deliberately positioned itself as a quality self-publishing imprint for authors who are serious about getting their work in front of readers through traditional and non-traditional book retail outlets. Our aim is to publish quality books that people want to read.

Unlike most other companies that will offer to publish your book, we are discerning. Your book is important to us, but we will only take on books and ebooks that we feel are good from a content point of view. In practice, this means that we turn down around 25% of the fiction and poetry titles we are asked to publish. We also don’t believe in producing books with poor production standards. So if you are looking for a company that will just print what they are given, no questions asked… that is not us. We are looking for quality of content and quality of presentation… both of which are essential if a book stands a chance in a tough commercial world. As a result, we are the UK’s most widely recommended self-publishing service.

“Matador is a highly reputable partnership publisher offering an author the best chance of self-publishing success in the UK.”
Mick Rooney, Editor The Independent Publishing Magazine

At Matador we've been publishing books for more than twenty years. Everything from a few copies of a book published for personal satisfaction through books in all genres that their authors want to sell locally, nationally, even internationally… we have extensive experience in taking manuscripts (and their authors) through the publishing process. Our experience is put to good use in a partnership arrangement with our authors, because we believe in working with you to achieve the best possible publication. We want you to be satisfied with your book, so we work with you every step of the way.

From ebook publication and distribution worldwide to Print On Demand book publication, from a few hundred copies of a book to many thousands, Matador has unparalleled experience in production. But far more, we have a retail trade and PR marketing department that can actively promote your book or ebook; and we have real bookshop distribution (including a sales team) for books, and full international distribution for ebooks.

“The best (IMO) of the author solutions companies, a well-respected imprint.”
Joanne Phillips, Independent publishing blogger

For authors whose work we are happy to publish, we undertake as much or as little of the publishing process as required. From design, typesetting and printing through to marketing and distribution (direct and through our sales reps, Star Books, and distributors, Orca Book Services); our aim is to publish a book that you are proud of... and then to get it sold. We offer a range of publishing, marketing and distribution services to authors, which include:

Matador is part of Troubador Publishing Ltd, so all of our self-publishing authors have the knowledge that their book is in the hands of an experienced, professional publishing house with in-depth industry knowledge and contacts.

“A new breed of self-publishing companies offer authors a kind of halfway house between conventional self-publishing and the commercial kind. Of these, the company that has gone the furthest is Matador.”
Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook Guide to Getting Published, A&C Black

Why not find out more about the extensive range of author services that we offer?

Matador is a friendly, approachable service where advice is readily available and freely given. We are happy to talk to you about your work, whatever stage your manuscript is at, with no obligation (or hard sell!) at all.

“We particularly like working with your authors because their books are better produced and receive more attention than any other UK self-publisher.”
Ben Cameron, Managing Director, Cameron PR