New Titles Out This Month

A Death in Winter: 1963
Emma's Equilibrium
Who REALLY Wrote Shakespeare?
A Modern Guide to Violin Mastery
The Happening Man
Robin’s Red Christmas
The Obedient Servant
Seasons of Fate
Strong and Mighty Max
Birds Never Get Lost
The Piglets of Tumbledown Farm
The Dreams of the Black Butterfly
In His Service
Whatever Next?
The Frog in the Skyscraper
Hidey Holes
The Squirrel that Dreamt of Madness
The Coral Strand
The World is Empty
Grand Vizier of Krar
Mamma Mia... That's Life!
Broken Vows
Stupid Poems 12
Beggarman's Cottage
Archie Brevitt's Amazing Christmas Escapade
Archie Brevitt's Amazing Chivalric Escapade
Malachite and Mangoes
Mutable Passions
The Perfect Pair
The Perfect Pair
Before the Frost
Summary Justice
A Tale of Two Flies
Grammar School Boy
The Purpose of Change is Problem Solving
Within Our Gates
Our Secret
The Golden Anklet
Chess Problems
The Gessami Residence
Sardana Renaissance
The Consciousness of Cats
Building the 2020 Digital team
The Compass Dances
Sandra and the Flying Elephants of Belfast
Release from Stasis
The Truth in Fiction
Snowdrops for a Soldier

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The Self-Publishing Conference

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The Self-Publishing Experience

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