New Titles Out This Month

The Mystery Religions of Gladovia
The Foundation – Part One
Steel Wolf
The Root of All Evil
The Disciple
No Direction Home
The Path of the Bullet
Grandad’s War
The Rabbi in the Green Jacket
The Modest Tortoise And The Horrible Hare
The Hairy Faerie
Shaking My Briefcase
Hogg in the Hoover
The Red Lioness
I Can See
Body English
34 Dozen Delightful Limericks
Enchanted Realms
Rhyming Ballads
The Dandelion Who Refused to be a Weed
The Secret of Skara Vhore
Echoes of Africa
42 Days
Kharshouf and other Stories
Shakespeare and Democracy
A Time of My Life
A War Symphony
It All Started with a Dog
A Tale of Two Flies
Within Our Gates
The Little Read Book
The Quest for Immortality
The Comic-Con Killer
Charlie's World of Glittering Powers
Upon a Trailing Edge
The Galician Parallax
The Adventures of Rodney Fluffychops
Discover Your True Colours
Colour Numerology
Missing Dad
So, there
Red Love
The Little Traveller's Book of Poems
You've Got It In You
The Old, The Mad and the Wobbly
The Trojan Walrus
This Damnation
Vie D'or
Thirty Years in Wilderness Wood
Transform Your Communication Skills
Treasure Trove
Jungle Jim and the Shadows of Kinabalu
A Fistful of Dust
The Tinker Spy
Prunes for Breakfast
Chuckle Verse
Unplanned Journey
Bruce Dickinson: Insights
Colonial Sunset, Republican Dawn
The Silent Children
A Passionate Spirit
Future Sense
Recollections of Joy
The Trial of William Shakespeare
The Consciousness of Cats
The Paper Caper
Colour Therapy A-Z
Oh! It's Yersel', Ya Bugger!
Letters From Home

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The Self-Publishing Conference

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The Self-Publishing Experience

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