Rewarding Great Metadata

1st November, 2018

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Rewarding Great Metadata

Rewarding Great Metadata

Written by:

Jane Rowland

We are thrilled to announce that Troubador has been assessed and accredited for the second year in a row, retaining its industry certification for providing quality information (metadata) about its books to the book trade. Troubador is one of only six UK publishers to hold the BIC Basic award.

Metadata is the means by which a book gets discovered by the book trade – and therefore readers. Timely, accurate and well-managed metadata is crucial for sales. We are therefore delighted to have been reaccredited for the quality of our books’ metadata, having retained our award for the provision of quality book data under the BIC Product Data Excellence Award (PDEA) Accreditation Scheme. The PDEA Panel commended us for increasing our BIC Basic statistics in order to obtain the award for 2018-19. BIC Basic is a set of standards for bibliographic data provision developed and promoted by Book Industry Communication (BIC), with the support and endorsement of the whole UK book industry.

Metadata reaching the required standard has a significant impact on book discoverability, resulting in an uplift in book sales, and is an important part of the publication process. ‘We have always had a strong focus on the accurate and timely metadata of Troubador titles, with the entire company understanding the importance of the data that lies behind every book. The re-accreditation is therefore not only great news for our staff, but also for our authors,’ says Operations Director Jane Rowland.