13th March, 2024

The London Book Fair: What is Full-service Self-publishing and Why Should an Author Consider It?

In this session, our Business Development Manager Alex Thompson will discuss the fundamentals of full-service self-publishing. We’ll look at why authors should define their unique measures of success ahead of taking action to work out what route to publication suits them best based on their goals, and then take a look at full-service self-publishing versus individual service providers.

Touching on aspects of the complex world of self-publishing, from book and digital book production to effective marketing and, crucially, distribution as we go, authors attending will gain valuable insights that empower them to self-publish with confidence. they will come away armed with the knowledge required to choose the right services to help them achieve their goals.

Add the session to your London Book Fair calendar and learn all there is to know about full-service self-publishing.

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