Troubador YADIRA

Released: 28/06/2021

ISBN: 9781800463110

Format: Paperback

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The Beloved Friend


Introducing your new best friend, YADIRA! These stories are full of love, light and hope. With Nature surrounding and embracing us, mysteries can shine forth through our imagination. 

The two sisters Arya and Maya, magically find a new friend, Yadira, who is an expression of their love and willingness to expand their world through play. Yadira becomes their guide and together, they all embark on marvellous adventures. Almond blossoms floating in the air take them up and away to mysterious places. A heart shaped stone leads them to a stream source where they hear stories and poems in the splashing water. They learn to play music that birds and animals are drawn to listen to. Masses of butterflies surround them and send them into a dream state which then transports them into another reality. The girls begin to follow threads that lead back to their ancestors and they understand that they are part of this immense inheritance. The capacity or power to help and heal has become theirs. 

Beautifully illustrated by Brittany Cicchese.

A recent review...

In a nutshell, 'Yadira' is an absolutely breathtaking collection of short stories (both flash fiction and micro fiction) for young children. Following the natural flow of spoken tongue, it is a collection bursting with imagination, nature, music and the power of friendship.

Split into 12 tales of three friends, the first introduces us to the characters, and how their friendship came to be; with the others centering around their collective experiences and adventures.

Combined with absolutely stunning pieces of artwork, the stories themselves combine beautiful Romantic ideals with the innocence and magic of childhood. It promotes mindfulness; the importance of nature; state of simply 'being' and living in the moment.

David Chapman is one of those distinguishably rare few writers who have a natural flare for communicating and it shows. Poetics and writing techniques aside, these stories flow and echo with the history of oral traditions. They follow the seasons and humble the heart. They are uncanny in the sense that they are familiar and unfamiliar at the same time; they feel like age-old stories you have grown up with, and want your children to grow up with.

In terms of specific techniques, the text is peppered with natural dialogue as and when it feels natural. There is a lot of 'show not tell'; in the sense that places, scenery, people etc. are described sparingly and not overdone which gives the reader an abundance of what I'll call "imaginative license" to work with. You can smell the flowers wafting in the air without knowing what flowers you can smell; you can hear the music played by the trees and instruments without knowing a single beat.

This is truly a rare collection of tales that your eyes, heart and soul should feast on. It captures the pure essence of the magic of childhood, and is as wholesome as it is hopeful. I highly recommend Yadira-- if not for the phenomenal artwork, then for the absolute perfection that these tales offer.

Thank you, David Chapman, for reconnecting me with my childhood self.

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Colin Ridyard - My Blog

A very beautiful book. My granddaughters loved it.

by mary jenner

Beautiful, lyrical stories about connecting with nature, and protecting it. These stories are magical and thought-provoking, and accompanied by gorgeous illustrations.

by Maria

A magical book full of imaginative description that celebrates our relationship with nature. The illustrations are beautiful and accompany the stories perfectly. My son loved it and so did I!

by Sarah Abbott

David Chapman

Born in Wales, now living in southern Spain in plain countryside. Has been an artist for many years,but now moving on to the written word. Always been inspired by Nature, Also a lover of Rumi's poetry.

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