Troubador Woody Moves Home

Released: 28/09/2019

ISBN: 9781838592219

Format: Paperback

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Woody Moves Home


Meet Woody! Woody is a little horse who loves riding, but when Woody’s owner, a teenage girl named Chloe, grows too tall to ride him, she makes the difficult decision to give Woody away. 

Julia loves horses. In fact she loves all animals, and is delighted when she is given Woody and promises to take good care of him! Chloe and her mother take Woody in a horse box to his new home, Sally’s Farm, where Julia has decided to keep him. Many happy horses live at Sally’s Farm, with their own stables, green fields and fresh hay to eat. 

Julia worries Woody will miss his old friends. Will Woody be happy in his new home?

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