Troubador Willow Moves House

Released: 28/04/2019

ISBN: 9781789017854

Format: Paperback

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Willow Moves House


Willow is 4 years old and lives in the countryside with her Mummy and Daddy. One day, her Daddy comes home from work and says that he has a new job...but it will mean that they have to move to the town. 

Willow is not sure that she wants to move. Her friends, Ruby and Dylan, live next door and they often play together. Her big black and white cat, Sillybilly, loves the garden and the fields. Willow’s parents tell her that if they move house, they will be living much closer to Grandma and Grandpa. Also Mummy will bring Willow back to the countryside to see her friends. 

Moving day arrives and in all the excitement, the family can’t find Sillybilly. Everyone helps to look for him, but he is nowhere to be seen. Will they find Sillybilly? And will Willow like her new home?

Teaching children that are also moving house that change can be good, with beautiful illustrations by Nicka Babayeva, Willow Moves House will be enjoyed by children up to the age of seven. 

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