Troubador Wilber’s Bookshop Tales: The First Tales

Released: 28/10/2020

ISBN: 9781800460362

Format: Paperback

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Wilber’s Bookshop Tales: The First Tales


Now I know you’ve probably been to lots of bookshops; many shiny new ones with rows and rows of colourful books. But have you ever been in a really old bookshop? They aren’t just bookshops you know. 

Yes, you can see the books on every shelf, but they’re not just rooms full of books. They’re actually rooms full of doors; big doors, little doors, old doors and new doors. You can’t see them, but in every book you pick up there is a door into a world for you to explore. This is the tale of a bookshop filled to the brim with every type of door imaginable, just waiting for you. 

What really happens when the lights go off, the shop cools down and the book pages come to life?

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