Troubador Walter the Worried Wasp

Released: 28/08/2019

ISBN: 9781789017892

Format: Paperback

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Walter the Worried Wasp


Once there was a wasp called Walter, who had beautiful ebony black and deep gold stripes all over his body. He did a fine job, collecting nectar and pollinating flowers so that they could make new seeds. He also enjoyed chasing pesky insects before they landed on farmers’ crops. But as time went on, Walter became unhappy. The trouble was, not many people like wasps. When he went to the playground to look for juicy flowers, the children would squeal and jump and flap. Why did they all hate him so much?

One day Walter decided to fly over a high brick wall. Coming across the a big stadium, he realised that these people loved wasps! Everywhere he looked, he saw wasps. Wasps on hats, wasps on flags, wasps on scarves – wasps everywhere! Walter felt much happier when he flew back to his nest that day.

But when Walter finds himself scooped up by a young boy and taken into the classroom, will the children run away? Or will they learn the important jobs that wasps do in the garden?

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