Troubador Valegro – The Little Horse with the Big Dream

Released: 28/11/2016

ISBN: 9781785898532

eISBN: 9781785897276

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Valegro – The Little Horse with the Big Dream

The Blueberry Stories: Book One


The first in a series for children that tells the real-life story of Valegro, known to his friends as Blueberry. Valegro is quite simply a phenomenon. He is the best dressage horse the world has ever seen, and possibly the best horse. With his young rider he has won Olympic, World and European Gold medals, the World Cup twice, and he holds all 3 world records in dressage. He is the only horse ever to hold all these medals and records at the same time and not surprisingly is ranked number one in the world. Valegro will compete for Great Britain at this year’s Olympics in Rio – in London 2012 he won team and individual gold medals for Great Britain. The combination of Valegro and his young rider and their trainer is outstanding and charted as one of the most successful in the world of sport and equestrianism ever. Behind this success is a truly outstanding trainer, mentor, horse-owner and friend – Carl Hester – who gave up the ride on the best horse in the world to his young pupil so Great Britain could have a chance at an unprecedented Olympic team Gold Medal, knowing he could ride his other team horse (Uthopia) to achieve a high score too. This, book one of ‘The Blueberry Stories’, tells of the trials, tribulations, adventures and characters Valegro meets along the way to success in a child-friendly fictional format. A series will follow and includes a learning and technical aspect to pass on some equestrian knowledge in a fun and friendly way, edited to Key Stage 2 to make them suitable for use in schools. This rags-to-riches story of a small horse rising from humble beginnings to become the best the world has seen is a unique, heart-warming and compelling read. The books will appeal to all young readers as well as equestrian fans.

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I Loved this book because I am dyslexic and reading is very difficult but this book was addictive, I almost didn’t realise I was reading, As it is from the point of view of Blueberry, it was like it was being read out to you. My favourite bit was when Blueberry left Brook Mill (don’t tell anyone it made me cry) and I loved Lulu, she was a wonderful friend to Blueberry. I would love to see the Silver Dancer one day. I can’t wait to read all about what happens to Blueberry next.
Bertie Large aged 12

by Bertie Large

I have loved reading some of this book with Bertie. I never thought I’d have to tell Bertie to put that book down! Great story, we can’t wait to hear what happens next.
Charlie Large (Bertie's Mummy)

by Charlie Large (Bertie's mummy)

An amazing journey of a truly amazing horse.
Such an enjoyable story, written so cleverly, I wanted to read it from cover to cover all at once. Unputdownable!
I especially love Lulu the 'dressage guru' who gives us all a privileged and educational insight into the world of dressage. The tear jerking sadness of Willows past intertwined throughout, brings us an emotional story with an incredibly happy ending.
Olivia Barber aged 14

by Olivia Barber

The inspirational story of a little brown horse commencing his life at Brook Mill will enchant readers young and old as Valegro takes his first tentative steps on the long journey to the big time.

Valegro, or Blueberry as he is affectionately known, is bought to life on the pages before you and his adventures are woven into a lovely tale of the power of persistence.

Taking in the early years and experiences that shaped the character of a very special horse and describing beautifully Carl's love and devotion it also acknowledges the array of professionals who helped a tender young fellow grow into a confident, supreme champion on the world stage.

Filled with wonderful descriptions of a host of colourful characters such as Willow and Lulu the adorable dogs and the magical, mystical dancing horse that has the power to change colour, there are touching references to kindness and humility plus fascinating insights in to the day to day life and routines of the yard. Anyone with an interest in equestrianism or simply human (and horse) nature can't fail to be touched by the story of how this unique and special bond was formed between Carl and Blueberry.

Not only is the story written in a way that is accessible to all ages, the question section at the end of the book will prove invaluable to young inquiring minds, engaging them in a variety of complex considerations and encouraging them to think about the many aspects of what it takes to accomplish their dreams. The Blueberry Extras section provides an interesting back story adding meaning and context to the relationships forged in the yard and beyond.

It's inspirational, entertaining, exciting and a must read for any young horse and dressage lover. Truly an example of "Making it happen".

I can't wait for the next one!

Sue Nicolle,Guernsey
Mum of twins!

by Sue Nicolle

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