Troubador Uncle John to the Rescue

Released: 28/05/2016

ISBN: 9781785892073

Format: Paperback

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Uncle John to the Rescue


This is a story of an exciting adventure. Of three children enjoying a game of pooh sticks and then finding them-selves in need of rescuing a baby deer. To do so, the children have to face a series of set-backs and disappointments before Uncle John steps into help them. Interwoven in the story are some delightful snippets of wood-lore and several wonderful messages about the importance of never giving up. Even when life is not going your way, there is always hope, things can and will only get better.

I have all 3 of this author's work. Now with my daughter in Canada, these children's books are for the benefit of my grandchildren (two boys), one approaching 3 years of age, the second at only 4 months, will enjoy when of an appropriate age.

Before packaging / mailing, I perused all 3.

All 3 impressed.

A child of the targeted age range, would, I'm sure, draw from both the narrative & accompanying illustration(s) a storyline which I found to be; adventurous, interesting / captivating & entertaining, educational, and delivered a thread of 'right/wrong' moral fibre for the future development of the impressionable child.

My daughter mirrored my observations, and we both accepted that my grandchildren (again, when of an appropriate age) would benefit from the message(s) which the author is obviously sending.

David Pierre (aged 60years & 7months)

by David Pierre

I stumbled across this book in Guisborough bookshop and decided to take the plunge and buy a set of 3 for my niece. I was so glad I did. They are simply delightful. They tell a simple enchanting tale and yet have so many hidden gems for life. When I did read them to Sara (age 5) I found them interactive and she responded in such positive ways. I am sure you will enjoy them too - give them a try.

by Carl Jung 2nd

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