Troubador Trusthearts and Tails: The Greatest King of All

Released: 22/03/2018

eISBN: 9781789010626

Format: eBook

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Trusthearts and Tails: The Greatest King of All


The Kings are the Guardians of Courage, but who is the greatest of them all?

The Kings are brave, all always the first into battle and the last to retreat. But what does it mean to be great? Is it about your physical attributes? Is it your state of mind? As the Kings argue over who is the greatest of them, it takes their leader, Kisada the cheetah, to remind them of what makes a King, a King.

Trusthearts and Tails tells the stories of animal heroes and heroines across different eras in familiar and exotic locations. A talking animal fantasy series set in the magical and mysterious Ae’tann, the true home of animals, and the world that we live in, Trusthearts and Tails is the second series in the award winning Tails of Ae’tann universe.

In The Greatest King of All, we wanted to write a story about the Kings and what defines them. When you put so many big, brave and strong animals together, some competition and rivalry is bound to happen. But as the boasting gets out of hand, their attention is brought back to what really matters.

Told in rhyme, this charming, light-hearted story aims to capture the feeling of camaraderie of a battle-tested band of warriors who have fought alongside each other and lived with each other, teasing one another as only family can.

With its layered themes, breath-taking art and set in an awe-inspiring universe, The Greatest King of All is a book that both children and adults will love.

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