Troubador Trusthearts and Tails: Pepper's Promise

Released: 14/03/2018

eISBN: 9781789010527

Format: eBook

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Trusthearts and Tails: Pepper's Promise


Pepper made Vara a promise. But with so many obstacles in his way, how will he return to her?

Pepper is in the Rainbow Fields and he wants to go back to the World. But going back isn’t so easy. Facing the Guardians, the Wild Ones, Shadows and Dawn Harvest, he has much to learn and experience before he can fulfil his promise.

In the Ae’tann universe, there are a million stories that can be told about the unbreakable bond between people and animals. In Trusthearts and Tails, you can explore the origins on the Ae’tann universe, how it is linked to the myths and legends in this World and read about the different stories of different animals, in different eras, in different places in Ae’tann.

In Pepper’s Promise, we wanted to address the question of what it takes for an animal to become a Guardian. Pepper is given a second chance when his bid to become a Guardian is rejected the first time. We also looked at how an animal must feel when it is unwillingly torn from one World to another. The progression of how Pepper works his way through the separation from his Trustheart, and familiarizing himself in a new place with new people, is based on the 5 stages of grief, starting with his denial and finally ending with his acceptance that although he cannot change the past, he can make the best out of his present and hope for the best in his future.

His adventures are set against the backdrop of the twelve Labours of Hercules. In dealing with each stage of grief, Pepper learns how to overcome his own insecurities and weaknesses. It is never easy confronting that within yourself –it is a laborious process that needs the strength of your body, mind and spirit.

With its layered themes, breath-taking art and set in an awe-inspiring universe, Pepper’s Promise is a book that both children and adults will love.

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