Troubador Tony Plumb and the Moles of Ellodian

Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781789015034

Format: Paperback

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Tony Plumb and the Moles of Ellodian


If your mind housed a spy, what secrets would it spill?

Harbouring troubling memories of a time in care, Tony Plumb struggles to keep his mind on track. Prone to bombardment by vicious thought chariots carrying unwanted baggage from the past, he is smuggled to a special place called Ellodian by the well - meaning social worker, Ms Bendy Leggett.

At this spooky, curious, underground facility, Tony’s history intertwines with the present and humble incidents begin to explain bigger truths. Three life-changing questions emerge that must be answered and cannot be avoided.

With help from good friends and therapy, Tony challenges authority, rights wrongs and makes enemies, until he finally comes to understand the nature of his conundrums, the meaning of the word family and the darkest secret of all; what really happened at the waterfall?

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