Troubador There’s No Place Like…

Released: 28/04/2020

ISBN: 9781838593193

Format: Paperback

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There’s No Place Like…


Is there life on Mars?

Meet Curiosity, a big-little robot with an even bigger job. Curiosity was built by lots of people for a very important reason: to discover if there is, or ever could be, life on Mars. Could we one day inhabit the Red Planet? Well, Curiosity has been sent there to find out.

Since its journey began in 2012, Curiosity has made some incredible discoveries – blue sunsets, underground rivers and even singing itself the first song on the planet (‘Happy Birthday’, in case you were wondering). But exploring on your own can be a bit boring, so Curiosity sets out to find a friend. A friend to explore and go on adventures with – Curiosity goes looking for Opportunity.

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