Troubador The Secret Mission

Released: 28/04/2018

ISBN: 9781789015164

Format: Paperback

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The Secret Mission


Lorraine Hellier returns with The Secret Mission, the sequel to The Elf King (Matador, 2017). Sweet Pea embarks on a quest, to find the Wilderness Elf clan and trade their own Moon Lake silver for the moonstones that her brother, Bay Leaf, must present to Clementine at their wedding ceremony. Sweet Pea is also tasked with finding out what happened to the human baby exchanged for Clementine, the elf changeling, whom the human couple raised as their own child.

Sweet Pea's journey takes her through the woods where she meets the Wood Elf clan. These ecological elves welcome her at their camp, but cannot help with her quest. As Sweet Pea continues her journey, she is offered support and encouragement from her ancestors through an enchanted book.

Sweet Pea's search leads her to a clan of Wilderness Elves, whose chief is a brutal and cruel Elf King. Will she succeed in her quest to find the moonstones? And what other surprises are in store as she discovers what happened to the baby exchanged for an elf?

The sequel The Secret Mission is available.and the third novel in the series The Elf Bride will be out this year.

Signed copies of Lorraine’s books are available on request.

Further details are on her web site at

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Lorraine Hellier

Lorraine Hellier is a Children's Author from Staffordshire, UK.

Children can imagine they are entering into a fantasy world in her novels.

Memories of a happy childhood and her experience of working with children have influenced Lorraine in her choice of genre.

As a Dental Therapist she worked for many years in Birmingham. Then in 1995 she moved to Guernsey, Channel Islands, where she lived and worked for 5 years. In 2000 she returned to mainland U.K. and now lives in near to the historical city of Lichfield.

Lorraine completed a writer's course: 'The Complete Writer' with 'The Writing College' Exeter, and chose to concentrate her writing skills in Children's Literature.

She is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators and a local writers group. Lorraine lives and writes from her canal-side home near Lichfield.

The Elf Trilogy begins with The Elf King followed by the sequel The Elf Quest. Lorraine is currently working on the third book set in a parallel world of elves.

The Serendipity Series will take the young reader on adventures to a mystical land.

Stepping through a grandfather clock leads into another world, the children meet lots of wonderful characters, from Popcorn the dragon to Mr. Tumblederry, a turnabout, who walks everywhere on his hands and the Spectrum family - all named after colours of the rainbow.

Please visit her website at and for news of events etc. visit Facebook Lorraine Hellier, Children's Author.

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