Troubador The Rainbow Cat

Released: 28/01/2022

ISBN: 9781838594534

Format: Paperback

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The Rainbow Cat


The Rainbow Cat is a magical journey of discovery for children to learn about the importance of kindness. The author uses talking animals to set the scene and demonstrates how their behaviour affects them individually. She beautifully depicts the values that one should hold in a sensitive manner. 

The book clearly aims to make comparisons about making the right choices in life and will provide a great foundation for child self- development. With so much emphasis on striving academically, this story makes for a great change in focusing on important personal development matters for children. The minds of children are like sponges and what they learn at this tender age is what they become. 

The story is very fitting for parents who want to teach their children about being good human beings in a world where they can become anything. The author of this book is an 8 years old girl which makes the story all the more relatable and it’s fascinating to read that what has come from the inside of a child’s mind.

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