Troubador The Magic Mountain

Released: 28/03/2022

ISBN: 9781803130712

Format: Hardback

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The Magic Mountain


A small village nestled high in the mountains of Switzerland is preparing to celebrate their traditional festival of La Nuit des Fées. Legend tells us that on this night ordinary humans can access the magical world of the fairy folk. 

However, such stories have been left untold for a long time and have almost been completely forgotten, until two adventurous and nature loving boys befriend, The Thin Man who gives them the key to unlock the secrets of the mountain and they enter the magic world of Arcadia…

The children’s adventures are wonderful and whacky, but not without hardship and trial. Arcadia is being threatened by the growing power of a greedy goblin wizard, Shady Stinkwort. The boys are required to help the fairy folk save their world from oppression, but in order to move forward with their quest they must demonstrate important qualities such as bravery and kindness.

But will the gentle strength of the fairy folk be enough to defend the dark and unnatural forces of Shady and his cronies?

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Alexandra (Dubbo) Smith is an experienced Illustrator. She creates fun and whimsical art for all different kinds of applications from childrens books, educational Publishing to caricatures and greetings Cards. Her children's books include ,The Which Word Picture Dictionary , (Blackwell) ,Five Minute Fairy Tales(BNBS), Zoo Story ,The Reluctant Hero , 103 Monkeys and Sweet Dreams Lullabies for the author Harris Tobias.

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