Troubador The Kat and The Hooligoats

Released: 28/07/2021

ISBN: 9781800463707

Format: Paperback

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The Kat and The Hooligoats

and Suet Begins


Ginger-haired eco-worrier Katherine 'The Kat' Briscoe is convinced that there’s more to the world than people think. After seeing the ghost of a monk in the ruins of the old Priory in Much Wenlock, she loves going there on trips with best-buddy Marcas, hoping to see yet more proof of the supernatural. Unlike her classmates, she even has a sneaky feeling that Santa Claus really does exist. And shortly before her twelfth birthday, life in the small village near Dudley, where she lives with Mom and Pop, changes forever when a mysterious gift materialises, kick-starting her ability to transmogrify at will into a pygmy goat. There are plenty of laughs along the way as she gets to hang out in Pets Corner with the adorable, but infamous, Hooligoats.

All becomes as clear as mud when Grandma, who flies in to help Mom, explains that Kat is descended from an ancient, female-only line of genetically modified Icelandic elf. While they set about teaching Kat the ways of their kind, Pop, who sadly is just human, does his best to help by learning Hoolispeak, much to the amusement of the goats.

But the frivolity is overshadowed when the police turn up at their house, and there begins a race to find out the answer to one big question: could Kat possibly be the Huldufólk girl with the potential to fulfill The Prophecy and 'harness the power of Mother Earth to defend her people against emerging evils'? Of course, when Mother Earth herself plays hard-to-get, and the evils in question would make Dracula want to cower behind the settee, there may be a high price to pay for the answer.

The Kat and The Hooligoats - The Curs of The Weirdwolf will be available in 2022.

The Hooligoats and Lonely Mr Gohturd will be available soon, only on

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Barry Hudley

Before writing The Kat and The Hooligoats - And Suet Begins, the only story that I'd completed was one I wrote when I was seven years old, something the Hooligoats never tired of mentioning when they were telling me about their adventures with Katherine The Kat Briscoe. Cuthbert, in particular, was sceptical about whether I could do justice to what, they insisted, amounted to their biography. They were pleasantly surprised, however, once they'd seen the finished article, and so commissioned me to write the sequel (The Kat and The Hooligoats - The Curs of The Weirdwolf), to be published in 2022. There's also a prequel called The Hooligoats and Lonely Mr Gohturd, which will be released shortly and only available on

Of course, there's been quite a gap in between writing the story at seven years old and publishing The Kat and The Hooligoats - And Suet Begins. Sixty years, to be exact, but that's what happens when life gets in the way and you end up working as an accountant. In my defence to being an accountant, however, I once completed one of those personality-profile tests as part of a management training course. When my boss saw the results, he said, 'Are you sure you're an accountant? Have you thought about doing something more creative?' Well, that surprised me, because I'd always thought that accounting work was all about being creative. It did start me thinking about writing again, however, so I enrolled on an Open University course in Creative Writing and followed that up later on with a week-long residential course with Arvon, who specialise in helping aspiring authors with the craft of writing.

The only question, of course, was what could I write about? That's where The Hooligoats came in. Four pygmy goats with serious attitude. I had the privilege of looking after them for a few years and I'd often sit, with the goats gathered around me, and tell them short stories that I'd written. At least, I did until Ralph came up with the brilliant idea that, instead of me telling them, they would tell me about their adventures.

And The Hooligoats now? They're alive and well and as mischievous as ever, working as part of a team of animals who look after the emotional wellbeing of pupils at York House School in Rickmansworth. They've even featured in an article in the Sunday Telegraph.

One disappointment for me, is that I've never actually met Katherine The Kat Briscoe. For obvious reasons, I guess, she prefers to keep out of the limelight. Something to do with saving the world, and all that.

By the way, when I said that The Hooligoats had commissioned me to write, I should add that they're not paying me. Profits from the sale of And Suet Begins will go to Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats ( That was Barney's idea, not mine!

Barry, together with Truffle.

The Hooligoats. Left to Right, Cuthbert (back), Ralph, Fernando (back), Barney.
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