Troubador The Guinea Pig Diaries

Released: 28/10/2018

ISBN: 9781788039697

Format: Paperback

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The Guinea Pig Diaries


A full-colour illustrated book for children 8-12 years.
Written in two parts– a diary and a dream sequence offer a unique contrast
Touches on meaningful issues by reflecting modern society

The Guinea Pig Diaries is about pets and people. It is a picture book for children but also has an interest for parents, who may well be reading it! It offers a contrast between the everyday mundane life of pets and indeed humans, and a dream world where we can all escape to­– both children and adults. It recounts a week in the life of pets and their keepers, all living together. It suggests that our pets may be observing us more than we think! 

The book contains the prose of the diary section and the rhyming poetry of the dream sequences, which acts as a contrast to keep children engaged. In the dream sequence there are no time constraints, only the freedom to do things. The book is full of illustrations that help take the reader on the journey to different places, promoting their own dreams and wishes. More deeply, it is a reflection of the modern, busy life and the need for us all to escape.

“I dreamt I was an artist...
A famous artist to rival Picasso, 
A trendy smock and a beret worn so low.”

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