Troubador The Far Side of the Rainbow

Released: 01/08/2013

ISBN: 9781783061204

Format: Paperback

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The Far Side of the Rainbow


Suddenly the children became wide awake again, for the light had changed colour. Instead of a narrow silvery beam it had become broader and multi-coloured, and a swirl of green mist was spinning down it, moving towards them at high speed.

So begins the journey of five children, whisked from their hospital beds and led by Shamus on a magical trip to the far side of the rainbow. With the warning never to let go of their ribbons or remove the special shoes made for them by leprechauns, David, Louis, Maria, Alana and Chan begin to explore the other side of the rainbow. It’s a land where the children are once again healthy, where nobody is ill, and the choices of what they can do and where they can go are truly limitless. But it is also a land where good and evil co-exist, and the children discover that all is not as it seems...

After a series of exciting adventures, the children are returned to their hospital beds, but have difficulty in persuading their parents later that their adventures have been real... Until unexpected evidence of their visit to the far side of the rainbow is discovered!

The Far Side of the Rainbow is a heart-warming novel for children aged eight to 12. It has a strong educational slant and introduces themes of death at a young age and family bereavement in an accessible, gentle way.

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