Troubador The Elf Bride

Released: 28/04/2019

ISBN: 9781789018462

Format: Paperback

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The Elf Bride


In this third book of my Elf Trilogy we meet the three, very different, Elf Clans again: The Affluent Moon Lake Elves, the Ecological Wood Elves and the Wilderness Elves with their brutal chief, Thorn. 

There are friendships and conflicts between clans. 
Sweet Pea confides in her mother and also bravely faces her nemesis, Thorn, Chief of the Wilderness Elf Clan.
This novel begins with the Wood Elves reaching out to the Moon Lake Elves for help.
Then the Moon Lake family start the preparations for Bay Leaf and Clementine’s wedding begins.
Sweet Pea also has to face her nemesis, Thorn, who discovers Elf history which he refuses to accept.
The Moon Lake Elves celebrate the wedding of their Elf King.  

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