Troubador The Conjurer's Mouse

Released: 28/07/2016

ISBN: 9781785892325

eISBN: 9781785895821

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Conjurer's Mouse


Full of beautifully hand-drawn illustrations, The Conjurer’s Mouse is an eloquent collection of rhyming short stories, limericks and anecdotes about a concoction of characters from dinosaurs to mice, frogs to aliens, and everything in between.

Extract from The Conjurer’s Mouse:
The Conjurer’s mouse sprang onto the table,
Danced a wee jig and bowed to Aunt Mabel,
Squeaked a wee song, turned red and green,
Then waving, he darted… behind the screen…

Where did he go? We ran round the house…
But nowhere could find the Conjuror’s mouse.
Aunt Mabel vowed, ‘I’ll catch that WILD BEAST!’
She plotted to trap him: ‘He’ll love my mouse feast.’

Written in a light-hearted and joyful manner, The Conjurer’s Mouse is ideal for children age 6 and over. Each of the many stories can be read alone or aloud, making it the perfect bedtime read – and the rhymes laughed over at any time!

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