Troubador The Cat Who Couldn't Count

Released: 28/01/2018

ISBN: 9781788033350

Format: Paperback

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The Cat Who Couldn't Count


Alice and her family are delighted when their cat, Pushkin, has four adorable kittens! In particular, a little ginger kitten, who Alice names Marmalade, steals their hearts. When Pushkin decides that she has had enough of the children’s interference, she ‘moves house’ to the other side of the farm, taking her kittens with her. But Pushkin’s maths skills need some work, as she forgets to take poor little Marmalade along too! Will the children be able to find Pushkin again, or is she gone for good? And what will happen to Marmalade now her mother has left? The Cat Who Couldn’t Count is laid out to be child-friendly. One page tells the story in a way that will extend vocabulary, while the beautiful illustrations contribute to the development of the child’s imagination. On each alternate page, under the picture, is a simpler version of the story, which can be read by young readers in a ‘shared reading’ situation, as an alternative version when the adult is in a hurry, or by a child on their own.

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