Troubador The Broken Stone of Morgenstern

Released: 28/10/2021

ISBN: 9781800465312

Format: Paperback

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The Broken Stone of Morgenstern


Long ago, in the faraway land of Morgenstern, ruled King Marechan. All his people were happy and at peace until Goronzo decided to seize power in the kingdom.

Together with his army, he attacked the king’s castle and after a siege of 30 days and nights, overcame the defences and watched as King Marechan was killed.

Goronzo knew that if he stopped the power of the King’s stone, the people would be under his control but, in attempting to smash it into pieces, he only succeeded in cutting it in half and, with their final energy, the two halves flew into the atmosphere to settle in unknown places.

Meanwhile, Prince Marechan, son of the king, was determined to avenge the death of his father and restore the power to the people by bringing the two halves of the Stone together. His battle with Goronzo would be an epic one. Who would prevail? Who would find the two halves first?

Andrew and Daisy knew nothing of this. Their world was one of holidays and playing in the park or on the beach. Little did they know what part they were soon to play in the search for the Broken Stone of Morgenstern.

Their search would involve them with Noitall the dwarf; The Black Drooze; Sarisa the Sloogwoutch; Mr Twitch; Venominus and his tests including the freeze-beams, the whirlpool floor, the strawberry goo-goggs, the giant knife and fork, the horrible Blurdrog; the Rhymaster; the Cloak of Concealment; Thumpo who packs a mighty punch; Elevena the Bat Queen; and the final battle when Goronzo’s terrible secret is revealed and the lyrics of Lexocrag and the Deenach Dust are the difference between success and failure.

Very engaging and imaginative book. Children will love it!

by Natalie Morton

A gripping and imaginative tale interwoven with humour, peril and friendship that takes place in an exciting and original world. Would highly recommend.

by Tom A. Andrews

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