Troubador The Broken Dream

Released: 28/11/2021

ISBN: 9781800464186

Format: Paperback

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The Broken Dream


It is the story of a young, happy and ambitious girl who grew up and got into the wrong relationship because she fell in love and believed she had met her “Prince Charming.”

Unfortunately, the relationship which led into marriage, was not what she thought it will be.

She is no longer able to pursue her dreams and finds herself wishing she made a better choice in a man.

This book reflects an important theme in one life. It is easy to read and thoroughly written in simple English. The younger generation, for whom it was mainly written, will find it very useful. Adults will also pick some lessons from the book. I wholly recommend the book.

by Marvin Omorogbe

The novel is very well written, in simple to understand language and plot.
The story is very arresting and captures universal problems that happens in all villages, cities and countries around the globe.

by Alistair Bienose

This well-written book tackles the contemporary of a woman's independence and romantic aspirations. What does it mean in terms of allowance and self-identity, to be a woman in love, married, and ambitious?

The main character's story deftly investigates these questions and more. A great read for young people, especially young mothers and their endlessly capable young daughters.

by Otabor Imaghodor

It's an interesting read, it gives a new orientation/perspective to the young as their early decisions have weightier consequences on their future. I have read over & over and again.

by Efeturi E. E.

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