Troubador The Amazing Adventures of Skinny Finny and Super Spy Wobblebottom

Released: 28/01/2017

ISBN: 9781785899966

Format: Paperback

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The Amazing Adventures of Skinny Finny and Super Spy Wobblebottom

The Mad Moon Mission


Ten-year-old Skinny Finny and his twin brother, Tubby, are beginning a new life in London when their arch enemy, the evil Dr Buttscratcher, and his shadowy sidekick begin terrorising unsuspecting joggers and the elderly. Skinny Finny’s hopes for a ‘normal’ life are shattered as he is set on a collision course with Dr Buttscratcher and his crazy plans for world domination. Will Skinny Finny join forces once again with the British Agent, Super Spy Wobblebottom??And who is the dastardly doctor’s mysterious new apprentice? With over 150 black and white illustrations throughout, The Amazing Adventures of Skinny Finny and Super Spy Wobblebottom is a funny, enthralling and humorous tale for children aged 7 and over. This explosive children’s book guarantees high adventure and hilarious mayhem for the enjoyment of all young readers.

Over 40 and a Mum to One

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Move over Captain Underpants - the Finny Family is going to "flush" Dr. Buttscratcher out of hiding, in spite of the "constipating" antics of Super Spy Wobblebottom of the MI6. The wild adventures and wacky inventions of the our 10 year old protagonist, Skinnius "Skinny" Finny and his twin brother, Tubbius ("Tubby") take the reader on a heroic journey to save the Queen, recover a lost loved one and exact revenge on the ruthless Dr. Buttscratcher for evil deeds too heinous (heiny-ous?) to mention.

A crowd-pleasing tale for lovers of all things cheeky with a sprinkling of Jedi wisdom to guide us through Skinny's lust for revenge and journey to self discovery.

by Amanda Hanson

With character names such as Skinny Finny, Super Spy Wobblebottom, Tubby, Queen Elizabeth and evil Dr Buttscratcher you know that you are going to have a laugh or two and inspire many 7 year olds to read your book. There is a lot to love about this book, and while very funny it also a learning experience about science and space.

If your child loves adventures, spying and a whole lot of mayhem your they will love this book. As you turn each page you are not sure what is going to happen next, just what sort of trouble will they all get up to, especially when Queen Elizabeth, President Gump and a whole lot of NASA are involved.

“Do hurry, Dr Wobblebottom,” Elizabeth cried. “I fear that I am about to lose my knickers!”

Lines such as this made me feel like a child again, giggling and knowing that children would love this type of humor. You know the age where anything related to the toilet is funny, I appreciate that there are authors that keep writing these books for this age group.

What makes this book even better is that there is already one in the series…”The Crazy Christmas Caper”, so if you haven’t read it yet then be sure to give it a read.

I highly recommend this book…enjoy the giggles.

by Allison Winchester

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