Troubador The Adventures of Septamus

Released: 28/11/2020

ISBN: 9781838593681

Format: Paperback

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The Adventures of Septamus

Book 2: Countryside Tales


Meet Septamus, a seven-legged Octopus. 

But Septamus is no ordinary sea creature… Septamus is a dynamic and charismatic superhero who can swim to the bottom of the deepest sea, glide over the earth and even fly way up beyond the clouds. He can also change colour and even camouflage himself, which comes in handy for his series of adventures with his friends Toft, the toad, Frare, a hare, and Claus, a fieldmouse. 

In these five tales the friends go on a camping adventure together. They are surprised by a dark shadow which turns out to be a balloon, have an exciting time after Septamus falls down a hole, explore an underwater cave and have fun in a windmill. At the end of the holiday Septamus decides it is time to go back to his home at the seaside.

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