Troubador The Adventures of Andy Aardvark

Released: 28/03/2019

ISBN: 9781789017755

Format: Paperback

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The Adventures of Andy Aardvark


Andy Aardvark was scared. Seriously scared. In the pale moonlight out on the African savvanah, digging into the tall termite mound. There it was.”

Andy is an aardvark who lives in Africa, in an earth burrow on the edge of the savannah. He is a shy little fellow and forages for his food at night in anthills and termite mounds.

When Andy awakens from his daytime sleep a letter has been delivered from a long lost aunt in Brazil. They are the giant anteater branch of the family. Her son Albert has been kidnapped and sent to a zoo near to Andy in Africa. Aunt Alice asks for his help to rescue her son and bring him to safety.

Andy decides he must travel to the zoo and somehow rescue Albert. He feels that he needs help and resolves to ask his good friend Walter Warthog to come with him. Walter is a fine strapping fellow with impressive tusks and will be ideal protection from any danger. Will Andy and Walter be successful and rescue Albert, or will they encounter danger along the way?

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