Troubador Tales of Wabasso

Released: 28/08/2014

ISBN: 9781783065165

Format: Paperback

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Tales of Wabasso


Tales of Wabasso is a trio of Native American Indian stories, with the same children as central characters - Wabasso (the grandson of Chief Magnamo) and brother and sister, Nokoma and Shu-Shu-Ga.

‘Kidnapped’ is the first of the three tales. It follows the children as they play Hide and Seek in the prairie. When Shu-Shu-Ga is suddenly kidnapped by an outlaw band, the boys attempt to rescue her, only to end up being captured themselves. It is left to the rest of the tribe to bring about their release, during which Wabasso’s father must surrender his beloved horse, Flying Arrow.

‘The Journey’ explores what happens when Wabasso’s tribe is forced to move to warmer lands because of the severe weather. During the journey, some of their provisions go missing. Determined to find out who the thieves are, Wabasso and his friends devise a plan to catch them in the act. The culprits prove to be just as vulnerable themselves.

The final story is called ‘The Challenges’. Wabasso has to prove himself worthy of being a future leader, by undertaking three challenges set by his grandfather Chief Magnamo. Before he hears what the challenges are, Wabasso rescues a distressed young buffalo. Little does he know this will help him in his third and most dangerous trial. Can Wabasso step-up to the challenges?

Fuelled with fun and entertaining scenarios, this book will be suitable for children aged 7 and above. Marrianne has been inspired by the history of Red Indian tribes, which she has combined with the traditions of short stories.

2014 sees Marianne Parry publishing two books of short stories for children.

The first story, Tales of Wabasso, will be available from 28th August; and the second story, Rusty and Friends, will be available from 28th October.

Tales of Wabasso follows a group of North American Indian children and their tribe. It includes references to traditional customs, words and the environment in which they live, in order to create a vivid and exciting picture of their adventures. Anyone liking traditional stories for children will enjoy this book.

Rusty and Friends follows a group of British children coming to terms with various family issues, that are resolved in surprisingly positive ways. Many children will relate to situations like these.

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Marian Parry

Marianne Parry was born in Pontypridd, South Wales. She attended Pontypridd Girls' Grammar School and Worcester College, and worked for many years as a Primary School teacher. Her literary works include short stories, poems, hymns, folk songs and pantomimes.

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