Troubador Tales of the Treehouse and the Magical Coin

Released: 28/11/2021

ISBN: 9781800464650

Format: Paperback

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Tales of the Treehouse and the Magical Coin


This is the first of two books about the adventures of the Bruce children.

These tales are set in the 1950’s when the country was recovering from the ravages of war. The children live on a farm near the south coast. They find the old Treehouse still standing in the orchard at the far side of the farm. After making repairs, the Treehouse is fit for them to stay in and that’s where their adventures begin. They discover that a magical coin has been hidden inside Patrick’s jacket, sewn in by his mother before she died in the Blitz. Orphaned Patrick has been adopted by the Bruce family and is now brother to Thomas and Kate. This coin takes them in the Treehouse on a series of trips during the nights that they sleep there. Time stands still and they always return to exactly the same time and place.

The children's trips take them to see characters from British folk lore. They meet a Leprechaun in Ireland, a Dragon in Wales, a Trow in the Scottish Isles and a Giant off the south coast of England. No one else knows where they have been but they share their experiences together.

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