Troubador Tales of the Mysterious Coat of Arms

Released: 28/11/2021

ISBN: 9781800464674

Format: Paperback

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Tales of the Mysterious Coat of Arms


These Tales take place in a Stately Hall called Harewood Hall. It gets its name historically having been built in wood land which had many wild hares inhabiting the hillside around. The Lord was very proud of his Coat of Arms and to protect it had it mounted inside the Great Hall. There was a wonderful illustration of a hare with wings, on the shield but this was no ordinary picture of Hector, the hare. Every time he saw a line of suitcases near the main door he knew the family would be away on holiday or visiting family and the Hall would be empty and so the fun begins. He would jump down and start to explore.

Each Tales tells of his adventures and the scrapes that he gets into leaving the bewildered Nightwatchman to clear up after him. He has a serious encounter with a Christmas pudding in the Kitchen. He gets trapped in a sideboard in the Drawing Room. He manages to scatter a whole lots of books in the Library. He gets entangled in children’s toys in the Attic. His final adventure takes him outside where he encounters his arch enemy the stoat. He finally returns to his place on the Coat of Arms for a well earned rest or until the Great Hall is empty again!

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