Troubador Tales of Mossycup Wood

Released: 28/01/2019

ISBN: 9781789016352

Format: Paperback

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Tales of Mossycup Wood

Frogbit and the Big Gloop


Deep in the heart of Mossycup Wood lies Poggle Hollow, a secret place not many people know about and those who do keep it very hush hush. Living in this very secret place are the Pogglewitt: a tiny, friendly fun-loving folk who grow their nests on the highest branches of the oldest trees. Frogbit and the Big Gloop is the first in a series of enchanting tales about one Pogglewitt living on the banks of Poggle Pool.

Gently winding its way around one side of Mossycup Wood is Mossycup Brook, which babbles and chuckles into Poggle Pool. On this particular day when Frogbit’s tummy decides it’s time to catch supper, he fetches his beautiful fishing reed. It’s spring and his beloved pool is so clogged up with frogspawn he can’t fish from the bank as usual, so he gets his boat out.   

But it’s a real pickle trying to free his boat from the very gloopy mess! And not only is he being watched by many beady tadpoley eyes, but he catches the attention of a very grumpy pike lurking in the depths of his pool ready to snaffle an unsuspecting Pogglewitt. Will he catch his supper and have enough to share with his friends or will he become supper? 

Frogbit and the Big Gloop is a beautifully illustrated book that captures the imagination and ensures the engagement of the very young. It is packed full of little details to prompt conversation and discussion between reader and child, and the tale is gentle in nature and full of humour with interesting and playful words. A reminder of the lighter side of life, it will appeal to both parents and children aged 4 – 7 years old.

Tales of Mossycup Wood Frogbit and the Big Gloop is the first in a series of stories designed to encourage dialogue and discussion between story teller and child. They have colourful and imaginative illustrations with fun language to prompt conversation.

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Emma Jane Dunne

Emma Dunne is the creator of the enchanting and secret place of Mossycup Wood, home of the shy and fun-loving tiny folk called the Pogglewitt. Her books, Tales of Mossycup Wood are filled with charming illustrations and fun text for children ranging from 1-99 years old.

Inspirations are drawn from everyday events and memories of childhood and her art is an interpretation of the world around her. And lets be honest who wouldn't want to live in Mossycup Wood?

Emma was brought up in rural Buckinghamshire, climbing trees, shimmying over farm gates and exploring the local lanes on her bike. She now lives in kent doing much the same.

Emma Dunne
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