Troubador Tales of Mossycup Wood, Fleabane and a Very Sorry Snorri 2

Released: 28/01/2021

ISBN: 9781800462076

Format: Paperback

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Tales of Mossycup Wood, Fleabane and a Very Sorry Snorri 2


Tales of Mossycup Wood Frogbit and the Big Gloop is the first in a series of stories designed to encourage dialogue and discussion between story teller and child. They have colourful and imaginative illustrations with fun language to prompt conversation.

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Emma Jane Dunne

Emma Dunne is the creator of the enchanting and secret place of Mossycup Wood, home of the shy and fun-loving tiny folk called the Pogglewitt. Her books, Tales of Mossycup Wood are filled with charming illustrations and fun text for children ranging from 1-99 years old.

Inspirations are drawn from everyday events and memories of childhood and her art is an interpretation of the world around her. And lets be honest who wouldn't want to live in Mossycup Wood?

Emma was brought up in rural Buckinghamshire, climbing trees, shimmying over farm gates and exploring the local lanes on her bike. She now lives in kent doing much the same.

Emma Dunne
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