Troubador Tales of Mikey and Berty Proskrophski

Released: 28/01/2022

ISBN: 9781803130460

Format: Paperback

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Tales of Mikey and Berty Proskrophski


Let your imagination run away with you and join in on the fun with two mischievous beagles, Mikey and Berty and their many tales of adventures together! 

Some good, some bad, but no matter what their adventure brings them, they always find a way to bring positivity to every negative and make the best out of every situation they find themselves in! 

Written to catch the curiosity and the imagination of the reader Tales of Mikey and Berty Proskrophski is inspired by the authors real childhood teddies, through good and difficult times. This illustrated children’s book reminds us that

A positive life is always possible if we all just simply believe…

I have released Books 1 and two of the Tales of Mikey and Berty Proskrophski.

In progress of book 3 and the finale of the sequel would be book 4.

As the two Mischievous Beagles grow up in there many tales.

I also have free bookmarks and a few children's hats for sale.

You can purchase online for £9.99

My little brother loves this, makes me read it every other night of the week!

by Nathan

Michael Hodgson

Hi all, as you can see my name's Michael, I am a new author and I was born in Enfield, North London in 1989,

Having spent my childhood times there and attending Eastfield Primary School, in 1999 I moved to Peterborough in Orton Goldhay with my mum and non identical twin brother, I had attended Bushfield Community College and had met many friends and experienced the good times and the bad times, I was unsettled at home so in February 2021, I found independence where I am based in Werrington, Peterborough from which I focus on working and writing my books.

Me at the secret escapism garden

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