Troubador Tales from A Magical Kingdom

Released: 01/05/2013

ISBN: 9781780883281

Format: Paperback

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Tales from A Magical Kingdom


The Kingdom of Nirvinia is a place where magical things can happen. Tales from a Magical Kingdom contains four individual stories about life in the kingdom:

1. A Prince looks for a Princess – Prince Leo has to find a princess to help him rule the Kingdom of Nirvinia, but how can he find her? 2. An Adventure on the River – Storms have flooded the roads. Titan, the wisest owl in the kingdom, must find a way to get a wedding cake, the frog band and the guests to the castle in time for the royal wedding. 3. Agatha the Witch to the Rescue – Agatha, the witch, is looking for an assistant and a lonely cat is looking for a good home. In return for Agatha’s kindness, the enterprising little cat helps the witch with her spells. 4. Mortimer The Mischievous Wizard – Mortimer the wizard is playing tricks on the animals in the kingdom. Can Prince Leo find a way to stop him?

These amusing tales are intended to convey to the young reader the consequences of their actions and the benefits of kindness. Human emotions are placed on the animals demonstrating how difficult it can be to co-operate with, and consider each other, in a respectful way. When the animals in the magical kingdom unite in their adversity, the reader learns the benefit of teamwork. Each story has a sound plot and concludes with a happy ending when the animals learn to live in harmony with each other, and their environment.

Tales from a?Magical Kingdom, written in the classic English fairytale tradition, will appeal to readers aged 5-9. The book contains rhymes and songs, with fun, charming and quirky illustrations throughout. There is also a map of the magical kingdom on the inside cover, to help the reader visualise the setting.

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Laurie Jules

I live in a tiny Northamptonshire village with my lovely husband and a bossy cat.

My route to becoming an author was rather unconventional. With my own children fully grown and living in towns far from me, for many years I volunteered at my local primary school listening to the children read.

I was compelled to begin writing by a little girl who lacked confidence and was struggling with her reading. According to her teacher, she was getting little support from home and was uninspired by the books that were on offer. She wanted to read a story about a prince and a princess who lived in a castle and loved horses.

That day, I couldn’t get this little girl out of my head I set about writing her a story that I hoped she would enjoy and so the first of my tales was born.

The rest of the class got to hear about it and the boys wanted to hear another one – this time, introducing a ‘baddie!’ I hadn’t written anything since leaving school but I was encouraged by the children’s appreciation.

Since then, I have become a Granny and I was motivated to get the stories in print so that my grandchildren may also enjoy them.

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