Troubador Strange Antics

Released: 28/11/2020

ISBN: 9781800462397

eISBN: 9781800468467

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Strange Antics


Margot's brother Johnny wants her to play football with him, but she's unwilling to move as she has become mesmerised by what is happening close to her feet. She focuses intently on the activity of these tiny creatures and lets her imagination wander... 

It's a joyous time for the colony of ants as the Queen is expecting, but unfortunately her food supplies are running low. Luckily Sergeant is on the case, and is marshalling the Assistants into the correct lines to deliver much needed supplies to the Royal Chamber. Despite no help from Elegant or Extravagant, the operation runs smoothly enough to satisfy Lieutenant who is stationed in the Royal Chamber. 

Meanwhile, a plot hatched by the Miscreants to kidnap the Queen is underway. Their intention is to take control of the ant colony and seize power. In order to achieve this, it is decided that the help of a very strong ant will be required. Ignorant is given the unenviable task of not only finding Giant, a supersized ant, but also to persuade him to visit their nest on the pretext of moving the Queen to a new abode. Giant’s size and Ignorant’s demeanour arouse suspicions of wrongdoing and Sergeant becomes convinced that Brilliant’s help is needed to remove this threat, ensuring there is a magical twist to this tale... Will the Miscreants succeed in gaining control or will the valiant effort and teamwork of the Assistants stop them in their tracks?

Bought this for my kids for Christmas and thought I'd read it myself out of curiosity. Not going to lie even I chuckled a few times! Very cleverly written and the pictures are fabulous!

by Emma

A good enjoyable book for children. The great illustrations bring the story to life. My nieces enjoyed this when I read to them.

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