Troubador Snake Ring in Flight

Released: 28/08/2018

ISBN: 9781789013634

Format: Paperback

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Snake Ring in Flight


The Snake Ring returns to help an innocent family triumph over an evil wizard...


With strong moral messages threaded throughout, readers of 9+ will enjoy this charming world of wizards and magic. Snake Ring in Flight takes the young reader back in time to when magic was everywhere and wizardry was a serious business. Important people had their own private wizards: the king’s wizard was Frederic, and the queen’s sorceress was Friedabel. There was even a trade union of sorts called the ‘Wizardry Ladder’. The top twenty members of which are responsible for the rules and making sure they are kept. Breaking the rules can bring punishment - as one wicked wizard called Fruminax discovers as he breaks three important rules and is sentenced to live quietly in the village, only to use magic to entertain children.


Our story begins 15 years later, with Friedabel’s family little suspecting that Fruminax is about to play out his master plan. Its purpose is to punish the family and leave him in possession of the magic Snake Ring. He bewitches the granddaughter Belle and takes her away, laying a false trail for her brother to follow to the prince’s castle. Belle and Tom must find the courage and faith to triumph over their trials, enlisting the power of the Snake Ring. Will Fruminax’s plan be foiled? Will Belle and Tom make it home? And when challenged to a magical contest by Fruminax, will the hero win - or the villain...?


Praise for John Holroyd’s previous books:

These are appealing stories.- British Fantasy Society

“Each story inSnake Ring at Risk and Other Storiesfeatures a strong moral message and young characters, so it’s easy for 9+ readers to relate to them and understand actions and consequences.” - Lovereading4kids

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John Holroyd

John Holroyd is the author of The Strange Tale of the Snake Ring and Snake Ring at Risk & Other Stories.

John Holroyd

John Holroyd
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