Troubador Singing in the Sky

Released: 28/01/2018

ISBN: 9781788039604

Format: Paperback

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Singing in the Sky


Set in late 1950’s Lancashire, the book follows the lives of children who don’t have mobiles, television, or homework, but they do have freedom after school, when they join their friends in a secret society. They start to look for adventures, but soon the adventures come looking for them. 

The famous pendle witches of centuries ago live just a few miles away. Could it be that their descendants are now plotting evil deeds right here where they live? Or could the truth turn out to be even more sinister, putting the children in serious danger? 

Singing in the Sky is a delightful adventure book for children and young adults, but grandparents and other mature readers can enjoy reliving their memories of the school playground with its games, lore and fun. In the book, post-war austerity is tempered with optimism, small treats are treasured and strong friendships forged. The story illustrates how much our lives have changed, yet also shows that our basic values haven’t changed at all.

This is an exciting historical adventure story that will capture children's imaginations, and transport them to a time without technology.

I came across this book, brand new in a charity shop, & thought it sounded interesting as I too was a child of the 1950s. I was not disappointed: it reminds me so much of my own days of hop scotch & skipping rhymes & playing out whenever the weather was fit, to name but a few of the memories brought back. This is classed as a children's book, yet for us of a certain age, it is still a very gripping read. The simple, yet very good drawings add to the attraction of this lovely book.
A very enjoyable read which I highly recommend to both adults & children of all ages.

by Jackie

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