Troubador Shine

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Released: 28/04/2019

ISBN: 9781789017151

Format: Paperback

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Kai is excited to go back to school after the summer holiday, but soon finds himself being mocked by his peers for being different. Kai’s confidence is lowered and he begins to wish that he is ‘normal’ like everyone else. 

With the help of his parents, Kai learns to be proud of himself and his unique qualities and values. Kai’s mother explains how although the moon and stars are different they both shine beautifully in the sky. He learns an important lesson: that everyone is special and valuable in their own way. He realises that the things that make him different are the things that make him special. He makes a decision to use his qualities to ‘shine his light’. 

Shine is a touching and heart-warming story which encourages young readers to celebrate diversity and to recognise how our differences make us special. It deals confidently with issues including bullying, low self-esteem, self-confidence and forgiveness in a manner that children can comprehend.

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The African Magazine

This book gives a true representation of black people and comes with a special message for children.
A very good book.

by anonymous

A true reflection of diversity. Inspiring for children encouraging them to embrace their flaws and be the best they can be!

by Annonymous

Just what children of this generation need! So beautifully written with a touching ending. Well done Sarah!

by Chanel

As one half of an interracial couple, it’s great that my child can read a book with characters that he says “looks like mummy and daddy and me!” This is the future of children’s books.
A powerful message too!

by Mike

Beautiful message! Beautiful illustrations! The use of rhyme makes such a wonderful read. Excellent for developing your child’s vocabulary as well (bonus points for the English teacher in me) my daughter is 6 and adores the book! Great job to all involved!

by Lauren

My 8 year old son loves reading ‘Shine’ and says it makes him smile. He also reads this book to his 5 year old sister who asks him to read it to her just before bedtime. ‘Shine’ is a great book as it is inclusive and relatable to children of all races, ethnicities and backgrounds. It also helps kids improve on their vocabulary as well as teach them essential life skills from a young age. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who either has a child(ren), younger siblings or young relatives, or even as a gift for a neighbour/friend with children!

by Jessica

Read this book with my daughter & she absolutely loves it. Great book.

by Chris I

Sarah Asuquo

Born and raised in the vibrant East End of London and in a Nigerian household, Sarah Asuquo thrives on culture and diversity. Her passion to help young people become the best they can be has led her to volunteer with charities supporting children and a career as an English Teacher. She has also completed a Masters in Education at UCL in order to develop her understanding of the educational experiences of students and how they can be better supported through policy and pedagogy.

Her writing venture is influenced by her experiences with the children she has encountered and she aims to write books that reflect the multicultural society of today in an accurate, relatable, inspiring and positive manner.

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