Troubador Sententia’s Alchemist

Released: 13/11/2020

eISBN: 9781800468177

Format: eBook

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Sententia’s Alchemist


On the planet Sententia, the other side of the Milky Way: Eleven year old alchemist Gwendal Tink, growing up in the sheltered cosiness of his guardian’s cottage is abruptly thrown into a world of conflict and chaos brought on by the nearing empowerment of the EEFTO party. The Everyone Each For Their Own policy cannot prevail.., history must not repeat itself. The gentle happy world the Founders sought to establish from the wreckage of Mother Earth must be protected. Together with his fiery friend Horatia Black and the sage magician Magnamus, Gwendal travels through forests and jungles, down a terrifying waterfall and across ghostly marshes on a quest to rid the world of the menace of greed and violence and find his true purpose in life: To travel back to Mother Earth and rekindle the magical realm from its origins. The humans need to see more magic. The gift of alchemy given to him by the Korrigan imps will help him but only he can make the right choices. 

This is a fairy tale of our times encapsulated in an imaginary world in outer space. The story echoes the tradition of fairy tales, approaching some of the difficulties youth can face – being alone, being different, being at odds with society’s fluctuating values. It questions how we move forward in times of conflict, what is really important to us, and our ability to find consensus when faced with moral questions. What is our relationship to the things we value? How will we act when history repeats itself? 

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A. C. Sutcliffe

Amy Charlotte Sutcliffe is a British-French author who lives between London, United Kingdom and Brittany, France. Born in the north of England she moved to France as a child where she studied the performing arts and, later on, French literature at the University of South Brittany. She loves art, music and film. Sententia’s Alchemist is her first novel.

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