Troubador Second Night

Released: 01/08/2012

ISBN: 9781780881713

Format: Paperback

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Second Night

The Spear


Second Night:?The Spear is the second in The?Four?Significant Winter Nights series after First Night:?The Gift &?The?Sacrifice.

Nearly two years have passed since the first of the three Runes of the Deathless was won. Caz Wylde is approaching his sixteenth birthday. He and Kyri, one of the legendary Galdramerar, are inseparable. They have the second of the great runes in their sights. Sir Jonas Pring, Master of the Guardians of the Runes of the Deathless and privy to the innermost knowledge of his grandfather, Sir Saxon’s rune-lore, has his own agenda.

The Guardians are divided in Council. The Master’s leadership is in question. Bloodbound to win the last and greatest of the runes by whatever means possible, they have no choice but to prepare Caz as a candidate for initiation into the mysteries of their brotherhood. Will he accept their authority and take the Oath of Allegiance? Can he be persuaded to share the secrets of the fateful ride on the winter solstice night that has changed his life forever?

But the God who rules them will not surrender the power of the runes so easily. The Valkyrs are summoned. The Shape-Changer is loosened from his bonds. Will the Guardians hold fast to their oath in the face of the supreme test of their loyalty? Will Caz stay true to his warrior vows? The death of his grandfather, Franklin Wylde, takes on a new and disturbing significance. Traitors are branded…

This series explores the time-honoured themes of love, life, death and retribution solidly grounded into everyday 21st century life. It marries the mysteries of quantum theory with established myth and will appeal to teen readers who have a passion for fantasy fiction and horses. First Night was published in 2011 by Matador.

‘I’m trying to work out what it is that is so captivating but at the same time so unsettling. It got to me – not many books do that.’

This is a tremendously exciting book that has been beautifully written. I am really looking forward to reading the third book.

by BNew108

Gabriel J Klein

The Four Significant Winter Nights anthology is a result of Mother, Mali Klein and son, Gabriel Stroud working together. Gabriel grew up with horses, while Mali spent more than fourteen years owning various pure bred ponies and part-bred Arabs and then running a small private yard breeding Anglo Arab horses.

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