Troubador Sam’s Foster Family

Released: 12/06/2017

ISBN: 9781788035927

Format: Paperback

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Sam’s Foster Family


Part of The New Road Friends series. Each book in the series includes guidance notes for parents and professionals.

Carol Platteuw and illustrater Nicky Armstrong have created a beautiful set of 5 illustrated books for children. Each title, set among a group of friends at a primary school, explores themes common to adopted and fostered children, following their journeys and introducing the supportive people they meet.

This book tells the story of Sam. Sam and his brothers were exposed to domestic violence in their birth family. The children have been placed in different foster families to keep them safe. As a result of his early experiences Sam does not like loud noises and is startled easily. Sam is being helped by a play therapist while he waits to hear where the Judge will decide he should live in the future. This book explores the impact on children of being exposed to domestic violence, how children cannot manage at school if they are preoccupied by safety and how difficult it is for children to be in limbo – waiting for big decisions to be made. The book can be read to children by their parent or by a professional working with them. Guidance notes are provided to assist the reader in exploring some of the issues within the book further.

Another great book by Carol with the team of New Road Friends. This is a must for any Foster Family starting out in placements. Sensitive but informative as well as encouraging. The guidance notes at the back of each book are very well written & cover all points in the book. Children are encouraged to express their own feelings & emotions in positive ways. Very good illustrations as well!

by Elizabeth Archer

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