Troubador Rule No.1: Avoid Trouble

Released: 28/04/2021

ISBN: 9781800463028

Format: Paperback

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Rule No.1: Avoid Trouble


Clara’s highly cherished rule, Avoid Trouble, is in jeopardy. Her trouble Spiderman-like sense is going crazy. 

It’s not Reggie – He’s happy and chatty. It’s Bella – She’s overheard a plan to ‘shake the class up’, and is now dragging Clara along on her mission to stop the school bullies from ruining the afternoon’s science lesson. This all sounds like serious trouble. No good has ever come from getting into trouble – or has it?

Join Clara as a mysterious grey smoke shrinks her, she gets mistaken for a mouse, nearly trodden on, knocked over by a stray football and enters a hamster’s cage on a rescue mission.

Feature Article in Haverhill Echo -

'We didn't want it to end. It should be made into a film!'
- William and Daniel (Age 10 and 8)

'This book entertains young and old. I was giggling the whole way through!'
- Ciara (teacher KS2)

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Mel Symonds

I love to see kids have a passion for books, to use their imagination and to question the world around them.

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