Troubador Rosie Sends a Signal

Released: 28/05/2022

ISBN: 9781803131429

Format: Paperback

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Rosie Sends a Signal


One windswept morning in 1588 a young girl sits motionless staring out to sea from a cliff top in the far west of Cornwall.  A lover of bird watching, she is known to have the keenest eyesight of anyone in her nearby village. But today it’s not birds she is observing intently, but the sea stretching away for miles towards a distant horizon. 

A crowd gathers but no one dare speak. They all know that she must not be distracted from her vital task, a duty bestowed upon her by no less than Queen Elizabeth I herself! After many hours a stranger appears beside her carrying an invention that will transform her royal mission. Using this new instrument Rosie sees in no time what she’s been looking for all day, something frightening that spells great danger for everyone in the country. A decisive moment has arrived that could change the history of England for ever.

But how can she warn the Queen?  

Set during the Elizabethan era, one of the most fascinating periods in English history, Rosie’s story brings to life important famous figures of the time and of one event in particular. The time that the then most important power in the world sent an invasion fleet to conquer England – the Spanish Armada!

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