Troubador Raskl Rabbit and The Bogey Monster

Released: 28/07/2016

ISBN: 9781785892646

Format: Paperback

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Raskl Rabbit and The Bogey Monster

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Marilyn King’s short story collection for children, Raskl Rabbit and the Bogey Monster, follows the adventures of Raskl Rabbit and his dare-devil antics. Written in rhyming couplets, children aged 3-7 years are able to join in with the rhymes when the story is read aloud. Older children reading the book independently will be able to enjoy the humour and the morals in the stories. The Raskl Rabbit and the Bogey Monster also includes a handy teacher’s guide where the author uses her many years of experience as a teacher, to suggest ways that adults can work with children using these stories. All the stories can be linked to the National Curriculum and provide a discussion starting point for many topics. Raskl Rabbit is a rabbit with attitude. He will endear himself to both boys and girls with his super cool dare devil antics. He thinks that he is very trendy with his sunglasses and mobile phone. Raskl gets into trouble with his high jinx escapades, which he finds hilarious. He never sees the consequences of his foolish actions. To him, life is just one great adventure. Raskl’s dirty habit of picking his nose means that he creates a huge, fearful Bogey Monster that terrorises his family and friends. Raskl soon stops laughing when he realises that he has to sort out this problem and destroy the fearsome monster that he has created. Follow Raskl on his journey as he searches for ways to destroy the monster before it’s too late! Raskl Rabbit and the Bogey Monster is suitable for both young boys and girls aged between 3-7 years. In particular, it is a great read for children who enjoy adventure fiction written in humorous verse.

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